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Our Principal

Welcome to Txuj Ci HMong Language & Culture - Lower Campus!

Principal May Lee Xiong

Zoo siab! Peb muaj ib lub npe tshiab! 

Cov laus ib txwm hais tias, "Kawm yus txuj, lub neej thiaj li tsim nuj. Kawm yus ci, lub neej thiaj li tsim nqi." Yog li, peb zoo siab heev tias sawv daws tau los koom tes, xaiv tau ib lub npe zoo kawg li rau peb lub tsev kawm ntawv. Peb lub npe tshiab rau lub tsev kawm ntawv yog, TXUJ CI, HMong Language and Culture Lower Campus. Vim peb yog ib qho chaw uas pab qhia kev txawj kev ntse, kev txuj kev ci, thiab kev ntaub kev ntawv, lub npe TXUJ CI, yog ib lub zoo heev los txhawb sawv daws txoj kev kawm rau yav tom ntej. Vam tias peb cov me tub txawj ntxhais ntse yuav khaws cov kev kawm no mus nrhiav kev vam meej rau lawv lub neej thiab kev npau suav rau yav pem suab. 

We have a new name! What a wonderful way to start a new year! The best thing about our new name? It was suggested and selected by our families, students, and staff! Our new school name is "Txuj Ci HMong Language and Culture Lower Campus". The word “txuj ci” in the Hmong language is a term that refers to the collective skills, knowledge, and wisdom of a people. It includes the wisdom and talent needed for the arts, music, history, rituals, practices, and poetry. Selected by the members of our school community, it is a fitting name for an institution that fosters the learning of those skills and knowledge from an early age. The Hmong proverb, “Kawm yus txuj, lub neej thiaj li tsim nuj. Kawm yus ci, lub neej thiaj tsim nqi,” expresses that “when one learns one’s cultural knowledge, one’s life will become prosperous, when one learns one’s cultural wisdom, one’s life will become meaningful.” This is not unique to the Hmong community, but to all of our students. We aspire to help all of our students to know and value who they are so they can be inspired to think critically, pursue their dreams, and change the world.

As always, I will work hard to make our school a place that values all of our students' and their families' knowledge and experiences and to make it a place where your child can be all of who they are, feel like they belong and push them towards high academic expectations. I look forward to another inspiring year together here at Txuj Ci HMong Language and Culture Lower Campus!