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There is always something fun and interesting happening in the science lab! We study various units such as experiments with planting bulbs in the fall as well as a painted lady butterfly release in the spring. But whether we are growing brine shrimp, exploring the forces of nature, learning about energy and being conservation-minded, designing a way to solve and engineering a solution, or flying the kites we build, we are sure to learn a lot!
When possible, we also take experiments and explorations outside. We connect our learning to the outdoors where students start seedlings, weed, and tend to our school garden and harvest vegetables and herbs in the spring and fall. There is a summer adopt-the-garden opportunity for families during the summer.
It is my honor and privilege to teach your young scientist and engineer about the delights and wonders of the natural world and the process of science and engineering. Please don't hesitate to contact me via phone or e-mail.