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Counselors, Social Workers & Community Partners

Welcome to School Counseling at Txuj Ci Lower Campus!

Txuj Ci Lower Campus
Counseling Vision Statement:

Txuj Ci students are confident, assertive, creative thinkers. They are compassionate, caring citizens who believe in their infinite potential. To their communities, students bring the gift of unique cross-cultural skills and perspectives gained through immersion education. Students achieve their dreams and make a positive difference in an ever changing world. 

Txuj Ci Lower Campus
Counseling Mission Statement:

The Txuj Ci Lower Campus Counseling Department provides an equitable, accessible, comprehensive, data-driven program that supports all students in their personal, social, academic, and post-secondary endeavors. We empower every student to grow as a critical thinker that succeeds in pursuing their dreams and changing the world.   

Mrs. Chang (Grades 3, 4, 5)


Text: ‪(612) 615-8253‬

Front Office: 651-293-8935


Ms. Kaste (Grades K, 1, 2)


Office: 651-744-5361

Text: 612-548-1663

Student Support Team